Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cleaning the CTD Sensor Inside the Printer

Clean the CTD sensor only when an alert for the CTD sensor is shown on the Status Monitor or operator panel.NOTICE: To protect the drums of the Print Head Device (PHD) against bright light, close the belt unit within three minutes. If the belt unit remains open for more than three minutes, print quality may deteriorate. Ensure that nothing touches or scratches the surface (black-colored film) of the belt unit. Scratches, dirt, or oil from your hands on the film of the belt unit may affect print quality.

1. Ensure that the printer is turned off.

2. Pull the standard 250-sheet tray out of the printer carefully. Hold the tray with both hands, and remove it from the printer.

3. Push the side button and open the front cover.

4. Open the belt unit.

5. Clean the CTD sensor inside the printer with a clean dry cotton swab.

6. Close the belt unit by pushing it up.

7. Close the front cover.

8. Insert the standard 250-sheet tray into the printer, and push until it stops.

CAUTION: Do not use excessive force on the tray. Doing so could damage the tray or the inside of the printer.